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Are you looking to Buy Dead Space 3 Origin Download key but you don’t want to pay the high price?

CJS CD Keys have now opened pre-orders on Dead Space 3 Origin keys.  Pre-order now by clicking the link below:

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CJS CD Keys offer the following methods of payment:

  • Paypal
  • Moneybookers
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Payza

The best thing about our store is that the whole purchase process is entirely automated.  This means that you don’t have to wait for a member of staff to manually approve your order or send key.

Immediately after you check out and pay, our website will automatically recognise your order and assign a key to your order from our Autokey database.  This means that you will be able to collect your unique Dead Space 3 Origin activation key instantly after your payment, using our Autokey system.

What is Autokey? And how does it help me activate Dead Space 3?

Autokey is the name that we give to our proudly in-house developed digital delivery system.  After your payment you can head to our Autokey page, where you will see a link to download your keys.  Autokey simply grabs the relevant CD Key out of our database and assigns it to you.  Our staff regularly stock Autokey with CD Keys, and then they are sent out to customers as required.

Autokey does not generate keys, it simply assigns customers keys that were uploaded to our system by our staff.  This means each CD Key is unique and unused.  Indeed, it can only be activated once.

Where to Activate Dead Space 3 CD Key?

After purchasing our Dead Space 3 CD Key for Origin, simply head over to the Origin client (downloadable free from  Log into your free Origin account, and press ‘redeem code’.  After you enter the CD Key that you receive from us into the Origin client, you will be able to download Dead Space 3.  Once activated, the CD Key will be ‘used’ and the Dead Space 3 Digital Download Key will be permanently assigned to your Origin account.  From this moment onwards, you can log into your Origin account any time from any computer in the world to download and play your game.  The download service is provided by EA Games themselves.  It’s a high speed download and of course, totally legal.

Where are the Dead Space 3 CD Keys sourced from?

CJS CD Keys source the stock from leading distributors.  Our CD Keys are region free, which means they will work worldwide.  We also make sure that CD Keys we sell include the correct installation languages.  You can check on our product page for full information.  The Dead Space 3 Origin Keys that we sell are region free and support all languages.

Is there a good discount?

Yes, our price is just £25.99 *as of January 7th 2013*.

This is far cheaper than the price of £39.99 that is usually offered when purchasing direct from Origin! That means you get the same instant service when buying from CJS CD Keys as you do with Origin, only you get the Dead Space 3 serial at a fraction of the price!

How do I know that it’s legal?

Well, when you receive your code from us, you will see it as a scanned image of the game key.  This means you can see it’s genuine and you have the photo as proof of purchase if you ever need it.  Also, the fact that our keys activate with the official Origin client shows that they are genuine keys.  Any illegal generated / fake key would not function on Origin, since Origin only accepts keys that are in the official EA database.

CJS CD Keys are a highly reputable game key store.  You can check our reviews via the links below:

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Awards We’ve Won

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