swtor Origin Promo Code – get $10 off the usual Origin price – immediate digital download

If you are planning to buy Star Wars: The Old Republic on Origin, don’t do it! You will be wasting £5 more than you have to!

Rather than buying directly from Origin, you can buy an activation code which can be used on Origin from an independant retailer and save up to £5 GBP! That’s $10 dollars saving!

You will still get the same instant access and instant delivery that you would when buying directly from Origin. You get the activation code sent via email, and you can enter it straight into the Origin client (or the star wars website), and it will let you instantly download and play the game. It also comes with 30 days of free game time on SWTOR.

You can purchase the code here:

Immediately after your purchase you can collect the activation code, which will look like this:


You can enter the activation code that you receive into http://activate.ea.com or into the Origin client itself. The code will also work on the swtor.com website.

After you activate the game you can begin downloading it via Origin. Once the download completes you can play!

Again, the total price for this game is only $59.99 which is cheaper than the Origin price, but exactly the same product!

You can buy it immediately by CLICKING HERE!

CJS CD Keys are arguably the largest online game-code retailer today, providing legal activation codes for all of the latest games. CJS can provide games at cheaper prices than when buying from Origin directly, as they import the games from EU distributors in bulk, and scan the codes into the Autokey database.  This allows customers to benefit fully instant delivery, and a service just as fast and as simple as Origin, but just cheaper!

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