Dead Island pre-order Steam – $32.99!

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Dead Island Serial

When you purchase your dead island serial from us, you can collect the dead island steam code immediately after your payment, using our autokey system.

The Dead Island serial will come as an actual scanned image of the code. This means you receive a unique and unused dead island steam product key, which you can use to activate dead island as a full pc download, on steam.

Dead Island is a steamworks game, so this means if you need Dead Island Steamworks, then you can visit our product page to get an unused dead island key.

How to Activate Dead Island

To activate Dead Island you simply need to enter your product key into Steam. You can download the Steam Client totally free at

Once you’ve activated the game you’ll be able to download the full game. Right now dead island pre-order is just that – a pre-order. As such you will receive the key 2 days before release date. You can pre-purchase dead island now in order to receive your dead island code on the release date of the game – September 6th, 2011

When you receive your code you can activate on steam by logging into your steam account, and navigating to Games – > Activate a product on steam

From here, you can enter the dead island activation key that you received, and activate. Once activated you will be able to download the game.

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