Is Fear 3 Scary? Our Verdict…

Well, all the gamers going crazy over the new game Fear 3 are all wondering… is it as scary as they say?

The answer?


For a start, fear 3 steam key is written by a director who is experienced in haloween and horror films!

The multiplayer is dark and gory, but the singleplayer is even more scary! Constantly, you get things jump out of you from nowhere! Scaring the pants off the staff at CJS!

The singleplayer enviroment is so immersive, as you walk around a corner, the suspense in waiting for something to jump out is too much to handle! It really gets your heart beating!

We really can’t recommend it enough. Definitely scarier than Dead Space 2… the scariest game I’ve ever played!

So I definitely recommend this game!

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