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websites such as or are able to offer pc game downloads at extremely discounted prices by offering scanned photographs taken from retail boxes of the game.

As you may be aware, physical boxed versions of PC games are almost always cheaper than buying their download versions from places such as Steam and EA Store.   However, all physical boxed games that run on steamworks platform contain keys that function on steam. Similarly, all EA games boxed game keys also include cd keys that will function on EA Download Manager.

Websites such as and take advantage of this.  They buy bulk physical pc games, but rather than sell the entire boxed package, they open the packs, scan the cd keys, and sell the cd keys alone for use on the download clients.

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Yes! and offer easy payment methods which are safe and secure. You enter your payment information on google checkout or moneybookers, which means that CJS CD Keys don’t receive any personal data from you. only notification that you paid.  This means that it’s an easy way of paying over the internet safely.

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Yes! implement a unique “AutoKey” system. This means that immediately after you pay, the website logs your payment and allows you to immediately collect the key off their online system. This means that you can collect the code immediately after your payment, with no wait times! email you the photograph of the key approximately 10 minutes – 1 hour after your payment.

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