Cheap Duke Nukem Forever 27 euros

Are you looking to buy Duke Nukem Forever from Steam at 45 euros?


Don’t buy from steam directly! You can get a much, much cheaper deal if you buy a steam key for the game!

CJS CD Keys are offering cheap duke nukem forever for just £23.50 each. That’s only 27 euros (which is $38 USD)!!!

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So what’s the deal?

When you buy Duke Nukem Forever directly from steam, you are being RIPPED OFF!

Did you know, on an average steam game which retails at 45 euros, the publisher is only selling at 20 euros! That means Steam take 25 euros of your hard earned cash as pure profit, for NOTHING!

Worst of all, they will happily sell the game to poorer countries where people cannot afford to pay 45 euros at far cheaper prices!

CJS CD Keys believe that paying such ridiculously high prices for games is not fair!  Why should you pay more, just because you earn more than those in developing countries?  It’s pure greed!

Well, CJS CD Keys have a solution for you.

CJS CD Keys company work by buying bulk games from overseas, and selling them in the richer markets.  Usually, this would not work! Because the game discs are region encoded, which means you can’t play a game outside of it’s country of origin! Well, with digital activation codes, the games are not region locked!

This means that all games will work in all regions!  Because of this, CJS CD Keys can import the games in bulk from the poorer countries, and sell at a profit to the richer countries, whilst still passing on massive savings to the consumer.

However – keys are still region locked when outside of EU and USA!  But you don’t have to worry – CJS CD Keys source their games only from authorised distributors that are located within the EU. This makes sure that you have 100% proof of purchase.

CJS CD Keys are currently selling Duke Nukem Forever CD Key at just £23.50 – which is almost half retail steam price! You receive a genuine activation key that’s taken from a sealed physical box.  When CJS CD Keys receive shipment of duke nukem forever games with steam keys inside, we open the sealed physical packs, scan the keys, and recycle the original boxes.

After your payment you can collect your code from the AutoKey system. This is an automated system where our keys are stored. You can simply make payment, collect your code on autokey, and activate on steam.

When you collect on autokey, you’ll receive a photograph of the game manual that contains the steam cd key on it, like this (we blanked out some of the code, for security reasons!):


Then simply activate the key on steam (free client from and you will get a free full download of duke nukem forever!

So once again, the link to buy is HERE!

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