How to Fix Brink Region Lock Restriction Bug

Get an activation error on brink? Don’t worry! It’s not a problem with our key, it’s a steam bug! On release date the keys will be come active. CLICK HERE to see people with exactly the same problem!

How To Fix Brink Not available in your region error:
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This bug will be fixed by steam, but to bypass this error for now to allow you to pre-load the game, follow the below steps:

you need two apps, Your Freedom and Sockscap. A quick guide on how to use those two for Steam can be found here:
I found it rather confusing the first time so I’ll try to give you an easy step-by-step guide:

1 Download YF:
2 Download Sockscap:…/fileinfo.html or here
3 You’ll need an YF account, create one at the YF website:
4 Install and run YF, enter your YF account data under “Status/Configure/Account Data”
5 Under “Status/Configure” click on “Use Wizard” and follow the instructions. When it’s done, select a server in the UK from the list.
6 After that go to the tab “Ports” and set up everything like shown here:

7 Under “Status” click “Connect”, your PC should then connect to the selected UK proxy server.
8 Now install and run Sockscaps, under File/Settings set everything up like shown here:

9 In SCs main window, click new and add the path to your browser.
10 While YF is still running in the background, start your browser through Sockscap. From now on you will surf the net using a UK proxy, i.e. a UK IP address, which will grant you access to the UK store.

The connection will be slow, but after the game has been purchased and added to your account you can exit YF and SC, start Steam and download the game using your regular ISP settings (and speed).


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