How To Fix The Crysis 2 CD KEY IN USE Error

A lot of our customers have been emailing saying that when they try to join a crysis 2 multiplayer online game, they get ‘cd key in use’ error.

Don’t worry, this is not our key problem. It is a known crysis 2 game bug. Best of all, it is very simple to fix!

Many people are having the problem that the game doesnt remember the serial key and shows ‘key in use’ when multiplayer. This will be patched – it is a problem with CRYSIS 2 not our keys. but for now: heres a fix!

1. Open crysis 2 and log in
2. Click on multiplayer, and put in your serial key
3. Return to singleplayer
4. Go… back to multiplayer and enter your key again.
Now the game will work

Another solution known to work is:

If you get key code in use error when jioning multiplayer, this is a known game bug. Try joining an EMPTY server, then your key will ‘register’ and you can join any match.

We hope this helps!

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