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Sniper Elite 3 CD Keys revoked by Rebellion – We Smell A Rat!

The CEO of Rebellion?

CJS would like to Re-iterate that our keys were fortunately NOT affected by this scandal. None of the Sniper Elite 3 CD Keys sold by were affected, and we still have them in stock ready for instant delivery. We are reporting on it in this blog post as we think it is wrong that a company should accuse 60+ retailers in our sub sector of the industry of being illegitimate.

One of the biggest scams to hit the game industry is unfolding as I type this article.   You may already be aware of it. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Sniper Elite Steam 3 CD Keys have been Illegally revoked and de-activated, by the game’s own developer, Rebellion.  CJS CD Keys are lucky enough that we have not been affected by this problem. If we ever are, we will always provide customers with a full refund or a fully working key, but so far, so good.  What’s not okay though, is that Rebellion appears to be trying to frame innocent retailers for their own doings, but we seek to find out the truth about the goings on.

What happened?

On 27th June, thousands, *It has since been confirmed to be around 7000* of CD Keys for Sniper Elite 3 were revoked from customer’s Steam accounts without warning and without a legitimate reason. Affected customers and indeed, the affected retailers who sold the keys, had purchased the keys legitimately, only to see the game disappear from their Steam game library.

How many retailers were affected by the problem?

The situation is currently unfolding, but it appears that over 60+ retailers have been affected by the scam.  An interesting point is that the issue is not unique to companies dedicated to selling CD Keys.  There are also many reports that customers who purchased from official outlets such as GreenManGaming were also affected by the scam.  The only keys which were NOT revoked appear to be keys sourced from boxed copies of the game, and keys bought directly on Steam.

Why did it happen?

Immediately after the keys were banned, Rebellion tried to cover themselves by posting the following statement on the Steam Forums: (it has since been edited to suit their side of the story).

“We have been saddened to learn that some fans have been caught out by companies selling unlicensed or stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam keys. If you have been affected by this we encourage you to contact the seller in question and seek a refund immediately.”

Just a few hours ago, this statement recommended that customers get a refund from their retailer and purchase the game directly on Steam at full retail price.  They have since edited this out in response to the major backlash from customers who paid in good-faith. They also added the following statement, which we believe is a white lie at best:

“As a developer Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game anywhere you see fit and support price competition in the PC market – we have in no way targeted any specific vendors (who may have also thought these keys were legitimate), just this one set of keys.”

If rebellion were happy for the games to be purchased anywhere, then why did they previously recommend that customers only buy directly on Steam? (They since removed this comment).  How could ‘just one set of keys’ reach 60+ retailers? The affected retailers are based in countries all over the world, who buy from various distributors around the world. Some even buy directly from the relevant regional publisher, if they are a large shop with sufficient purchasing power.

Unfortunately, we find it rather hard to believe that a single set of ‘stolen’ keys managed to reach official distributors and publisher offices all around the world.  We believe that this statement:

“As a developer Rebellion are happy for you to purchase the game anywhere you see fit”

is an absolute fabrication.  We beleive Rebellion banned these keys for the exact opposite reason.  While the term ‘unauthorised reseller’ bounces about the internet, the truth is that there is no such thing.  Under the first-sale doctrine, the copyright ownership of a license key ends after the first sale (I.E from publisher to distributor).  See here for full details.  This means that all legal entities (even members of the public) have a legal right to re-sell their license keys as they see fit.  The developer has absolutely no legal right to stop keys being re-sold.  The only requirement in law for re-selling virtual software / digital goods is that the original copy of the virtual item must be destroyed once copied over to someone. (This makes more sense when considering the re-selling of a digital copy of your legally purchased music, for example).   Of course, with Steam’s DRM system, the key can only be used once, so deleting access to the ‘original copy’ is not an issue.

Unfortunately Rebellion want to encourage the public to purchase their game at the full retail price, directly from Steam, in order that they can maximise profits. We have reason to believe that the banning of keys sold outside of Steam goes against numerous antitrust, anti-competition, and anti-monopoly laws.

While many game developers (and Steam themselves) will legitimately try to encourage users to stay away from re-sellers and buy directly on Steam at the full retail price, what Rebellion has done today is absolutely immoral. They have banned legitimately purchased keys, legally owned by multiple online retailers and gamers worldwide, and covered their tracks by claiming that the keys were ‘stolen’.

What can we do?

If you are a gamer and you have purchased from a retailer only to see your key revoked, we would love to hear from you in the comments section.   Most retailers should give you a full refund or replacement on the key as a goodwill gesture. In the meantime the retailers affected by this scam will no doubt take it upon themselves to clear their names, claim back the money on the illegitimately revoked keys, and make sure that Rebellion are punished for this immoral act.

We (CJS CD Keys) are lucky enough that we have not been affected by this issue.  If you purchase Sniper Elite 3 from CJS CD Keys you will not be affected as we have tested our keys and they are in fully working order.  In addition, CJS CD Keys have a policy where customers will always receive a fully working key (forever) or a full refund, so you know you have full support if you ever did run into trouble for some reason.  CJS would never deal in ‘stolen’ goods, and we know for a fact that many of the affected retailers also would never do such a thing.  Indeed, it’s quite difficult to believe that thousands of game keys were ‘stolen’ and magically reached numerous distributors worldwide in the space of a day.  It’s rather obvious who is the guilty party here.

We also found an interesting comment from PC Media PTE LTD, an official seller of games, similar to ourselves, which was posted on the controversial steam thread:

“Ok, this kind of thing has to stop.

I understand where Rebellion are coming from in regards to prices being too low and regional based restrictions being bypassed but this is a free internet where people have the choice to do what they like with something they just purchased.

What you are doing here is against the fair trade act 1973 and will be dealt with to the full extent possible in terms of claiming any losses and damages from Rebellion. All of our suppliers are officially licensed distributors yet you have the audacity to claim we are all fraudulent buyers and that everyone can only buy it from steam for it to be legitimate.

This is a complete fabrication and has no legal standing whatsoever. Every person or consumer has a right to purchase your game wherever they see fit of that company is buying your games legitimately and you cannot punish us or any other seller for selling your game if this is the case.

This is possibly the most underhanded tactic i have ever seen from a publisher and you deserve to be punished for it.



Which retailers have been affected by the scam?

We are currently aware that over 60+ online retailers have been affected by the scam.  There are numerous reports on the Steam forums of GreenManGaming customers have been affected too, so it seems that this problem is not unique to CD Key retailers. It’s rather clear that Rebellion are trying to monopolise on the digital sales of their game, while framing legitimate retailers and claiming the keys as ‘stolen’ to try and cover their tracks.

SHARE this article on Steam Forums by using this exact link to get around Steam’s rather unfair censorship filter:

Update 30th June 2014:

It appears that Rebellion have attempted to backtrack again on their post by providing a short list of companies which they sell directly to, seemingly trying to imply that anyone not on the list is not legitimate.

There is a slight flaw in this though…   CD Key shops do NOT tend to buy keys direct from the developers. They buy the games in physical boxed form, from authorised distributors.    Do you see Amazon, Game, Shopto, and every other single independent boxed video game company worldwide in their list?  No.   That’s because they are only listing companies which they have direct contracts with.. They are excluding the long list of companies which buy boxed copies from the publisher or distributor… and that includes most of the 60+ digital key retailers.

The truth is, CD Key shops do NOT tend to buy in digital form. They buy physical boxed copies and convert them into digital keys.

The supply chain for physical boxed copies goes something like this:    Rebellion ->  Publisher -> 100+ Distributors (in various countries) ->  Retailers (Amazon, GAME, CJS CD Keys, EBGames, etc).  Some of the bigger retailers can sometimes buy directly from the Publisher if they have sufficient buying power.

While the likes of Amazon ship out the boxed version of the game, CD Key stores open the boxes and sell them digitally. That is the sole difference.  The growth in the market over the last years has enabled CD Key sellers go a step further, and have the official distributors scan the codes on behalf of the CD Key shops, saving on unnecessary shipping.   The distributors can be anywhere in the world, since keys can be delivered within seconds.   The result?  Cheap games, sold digitally.

Price comparison:

Steam: £39.99

Amazon: £25.44

CJS:  £20.99

As you can see, while our keys may seem impossibly cheap to the average digital gamer, they are actually not so unbelievably cheap, when compared to their physical counterparts.

While the situation unfolds on the Steam forums, we will post relevant screenshots here, to try and bring together the evidence. Please click the images to see them larger:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.58.05

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.57.42

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.56.35

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.55.55

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 20.54.36

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.05.18 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.06.33 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.07.27 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.07.51 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.09.38 Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 21.10.40

CJS CD Keys expands Bitcoin acceptance by accepting DogeCoin, Litecoin and more!

CJS CD Keys has just introduced another ‘first’ for the CD Key industry.

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We are pleased to announce that CJS CD Keys now accept payments via the following Crypto-currencies:

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Pre-load Battlefield 4 Earlier using VPN! Full Tutorial Inside

If you pre-ordered Battlefiled 4, no doubt you want to get it pre-loaded NOW!!  If the pre-load is not available for you right now, there is a trick which will enable you to pre-load immediately.  Here’s how to get Battlefield 4 preload INSTANTLY! This means that you can start downloading the game files for BF4 right away:

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Step 3: Fly VPN might ask you to install some drivers (seems important)
Step 4: once it confirms you’re connected start origin – this may take a while.
Step 5: once you successfully log in, enjoy!
Step 6: once the preload is availabe, simply start it and wait for the download to begin
Step 7: once the downloading has started, close origin and log out from fly VPN – from now you can continue downloading using your normal network

After you’ve successfully started the preload, remember to log out FLY VPN to make room for other people who want to do the same thing.

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FIFA 14 CD Key

What is a FIFA 14 CD Key

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The key will arrive via Email. For your convenience, it’s also available for collection directly off our website, on our ‘Autokey’ page. Autokey is the name of our instant digital delivery system.  Our system sends the unique activation codes to the customers instantly after payment.  If you are pre-ordering FIFA 14, then the key will arrive approximately 1 day before the global release date of FIFA 14. This gives you 24 hours to pre-load FIFA 14, ready for playing on the release date.

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How to Activate FIFA 14 on Origin

After you buy your FIFA 14 Origin CD Key on our website, you will receive a unique and unused activation code, which can only be used once.  You have to activate it on your Origin account. Once activated, the game will be permanently assigned to your Origin game library, and become available to download!

Once you receive your key, follow these steps to activate your FIFA 14 PC Download:

  • Download and Install Origin if you haven’t already done so.
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Air France Boss: “Windows 8 is Disappointing”

Air France Boss: “Windows 8 is Disappointing”

Is Lalanne aware of its Free Poker Games

The Windows 8 operating system is steadily rising in France. According to the May 2013 Operating Systems Barometer by the online intelligence solution provider AT Internet, the country famous for Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel recorded the highest visit share for Windows 8 during the fifth month of the year. This latest data puts France at the top of the list of European countries that utilize the Microsoft operating system. However, this improvement might be derailed because of a statement by Air France CEO Jean-Christophe Lalanne.

During an interview with IT news and analysis site Computing at the 2013 Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels, Lalanne said that Windows 8 is nowhere near the brilliant features of iPads, citing the OS’s lack of applications.

“We think that for the existing applications that are running on Windows 7, it could be interesting to think about refurbishing them for Windows 8,” he said.

“It should be easy with the adaptable design mode to use with tablets, but at the same time using the tablets as if they were classical desktops. So the new platform where the screen becomes the tablet surface, could be very interesting for us.”

If Lalanne was relating Windows 8 features to his business, then his concerns are valid because the Microsoft OS isn’t really developed for industrial applications. But from a gamer’s perspective who is into poker games, this wouldn’t be the case.

One of the top features of Windows 8 is the free-to-play (F2P0 World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, a game added to the OS at the start of the year. This title, which has some resemblance to the games offered at Partypoker, was installed in the Windows 8 to boost PC sales. WSOP: Full House Pro is one of the things that you will love the most from Windows 8. With this game, you have instant access to a high quality poker game – without the need for downloads. The game has many redeeming features. Among these are the F2P-jump in that lets you play with real people online, a daily stack of chips to let you challenge players at any level, and a variety of games (e.g. single-player mode, single-table games, and full-blown tournaments) that will definitely suit your style of play. It also comes with specialty games that include eight head-to-head Pro Takedowns, and an All-in Pro Takedown. Each mode also has ESPN announcers Lon McEachern and Norman Chad that make you feel like you are in an authentic WSOP game.

Lalanne should play Windows 8’s WSOP: Full House Pro to realize how different it is from iOS devices. WSOP is one of the top games on the Windows 8 platform. It’s free, exciting, and as real as the professional poker contests.

Pre-order Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key at £26.50 / $41.50 with Instant Delivery!

We’re pleased to announce that the Pre-order for company of heroes 2 has now opened.  We’re selling our Company of Heroes 2 Steam Key at just £26.50 during the pre-order period, so grab a bargain now!

company of heroes 2 steam key

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CJS CD Keys are a great alternative to buying directly on Steam. Rather than pay Steam’s over-inflated £39.99 price, you can get Company of Heroes 2 at just £26.50 when buying at CJS.  You still get the exact same service, thanks to the Autokey system.  Immediately after payment, you will receive an unused CD Key for Company of Heroes 2 which works on the Steam client.  Simply activate your company of heroes 2 key on steam and away you go! The game will begin pre-loading.  Once the preload period on Steam has finished, the game will unlock and be ready to play.

how does CJS CD Keys offer Company Of Heroes 2 at such a good price?

Great question!  CJS runs a very unique business model.  We buy the games in bulk from EU distributors, and re-sell the keys.  Because Retail CD Keys for Company of Heroes 2 function on Steam (They work on the steamworks platform), CJS can simply sell the keys alone, without needing to send the physical box via the mail.

This, coupled with our instant key delivery system, means that customers receive unused Steam keys instantly after their payment for all the latest games including Company of Heroes 2!

As a result, the end-service is that customers can get the same instant service as Steam, but at a fraction of the cost!

Our cheap prices are achieved by buying the games in bulk from distributors.  Because we’re taking physical stock, we can sell below the RRP similar to how physical game stores work.  We don’t need to sell at the full RRP like Steam.

Does the developer get the same cut if I buy from CJS at a discounted price?

Yes!  It’s common misconception that buying from a CD Key shop means the developer won’t get as much money.  This is completely opposite.  If you buy a game at £20 from CJS CD Keys and your friend buys the same game at £30 from steam, Steam are the company who pocket the extra cash. The developer gets the same amount of money regardless of who you buy from.

Where to buy Company of Heroes 2 Steam Download Key for £26.50

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Remember Me Steam CD Key now on sale at £23.99! Pre-order now at CJS CD Keys

Hey Guys!  Why not buy a Remember Me CD Key for Steam at just £23.99 at CJS when you pre-order! The Keys will be released on 7th June allowing you to download and play via Steam immediately on this date.

Remember Me CD Key Delivery date

As Remember Me Cd Keys are currently on pre-order, you will receive the key around 2 days before release date.  That means that keys will be delivered to all customers between 5th and 7th June.  This awesome new game is not one to be missed. And at the awesomely cheap prices offered by CJS CD Keys, you’d be mad not to!

CJS are really proud to be able to say that we offer the internet’s cheapest cheap price for Remember Me Steam Keys.  Our price is a full £7 lower than Steam’s price at the time of writing, and we’ll always make sure that our prices are below steam.

How to get your Remember Me Steam Key

Remember Me Steam KeyThanks to our automatic delivery system, the Remember Me CD Keys for Steam will be delivered instantly upon the game release date, or even up to 2 days before.  Once the pre-order period is over and the game is released, then all keys will be delivered instantly.  You simply collect the key after payment on our Autokey page.  From here, you will receive a unique and unused CD Key for Remember Me.  You can enter this code into steam in order to get a full digital download of the game.

Because our site offers this instant delivery and full digital download via Steam, there really is no reason why anyone would buy at the super expensive retail price.  CJS offer an almost identical service to steam, but at a fraction of the price.

How do CJS get the CD Key for Remember Me?

CJS work like any other usual game retailer.  They buy from the major game distributors in bulk and re-sell the games.  The difference here is that rather than ship out the fully boxed game, which means customers would have to wait days for the game to arrive, CJS unbox the games and sell the CD keys on their own.  This way, customers can get the keys instantly after their payment via our automatic CD Key delivery system, and they can download the game via Steam, which means there is no need for the disc.

Each customer receives a unique and unused CD Key for Remember me. We also offer plenty of other games too, so just check out our website for more information.

Is CJS CD Keys a Trusted source for a Remember Me Steam CD Key?

Yes, absolutely.  We have a customer base of nearly 90,000 people at the time of writing. We have a huge Facebook community, and we have thousands upon thousands of reviews on our TrustPilot Page, an independant review website.  Heck, we’ve even won awards!

Where to Buy Remember Me Steam Download Key

To buy your Remember Me CD Key serial for steam at an awesomely discounted price, simply head over to the Remember Me CD Key product page, by


Thanks for reading!

CJS Team

GRID 2 CD Key for Steam – save £7 at CJS!

If you are hoping to buy a Grid 2 CD Key for Steam, and play on 31st May, read this article to find out how to knock a full £7 off your purchase price.

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How to get discount on your GRID 2 Steam Download

At CJS CD Keys, GRID 2 is for sale at just £20.99 GBP as a full digital download.  That’s just $32 USD!

Grid 2 CD KeyImmediately after your payment, you will be able to get a full and instant digital download of GRID 2.  The great thing about CJS CD Keys is that you will receive an unused GRID 2 CD Key fro steam, immediately after your payment.  The result is that you experience an identical service as what steam provides, but a fraction of the price!

While Steam are currently accepting pre-orders for GRID 2 at £26.99, CJS CD keys are offering it at £20.99!  That means you’re saving a full £6 off the purchase price.  GRID 2 releases on 31st may, however we will dispatch the codes around 2 days before the release date of the game.  This gives you a chance to pre-load the game, ready for playing on release date.  GRID 2 is the hottest racing game of this year, and fans are all so happy to be getting this game at an awesome price!  The GRID series is a legendary series which many gamers are loyal to, and some gamers have been waiting a very long time indeed for the new GRID 2 CD Key release.

GRID 2 CD Key Features

GRID 2 features improved graphics, improved collision dynamics, better graphics, and more!  The multi-player experience for GRID 2 is set to be an awe-inducing one.  See you in the race!

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